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Articles for the Programmer

o Practising Best Practises in Your Software Development Process, October 2003.
Why is software developed chaotically? Why are best practises ignored? We suggest The Knowing-Doing Gap as a possible cause.
o Example Usage of the uptodate target in Ant, Sep 2003.
How to use ant's uptodate task for conditional compilation and conditional distribution...
o Why Digital Cameras Are Here To Stay, May 2003.
Digital cameras are not just the latest fashion in consumer electronics...
o Top Tips For Apache Ant, April 2003.
Some best practices and things to avoid in ant build scripts.
o Is Configuration Really Easier Than Programming?, March 2003.
We question the common assumption that configuration is easier than programming, and explain how configured systems can break some basic computing principles.
o What's Good About Jython?, March 2003.
We illustrate the expressive power of Jython with an example that uses Java Swing to build a simple graphical user interface.

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