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The Image Sourcerer

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This software is a really neat little utility for the Java programmer. It embeds binary image files (such as JPEGs, PNGs and GIFs) into Java source files. This is useful to application developers for the following reasons:

As a programmer, you can place your image close to the code that uses it (even in the same file!), reducing the chance that your program cannot find and load the image.
You can deliver the image as a Java .class file, making the image less vulnerable to tampering.
You increase the integrity of your code and thereby help to protect your corporate image.
The program employs an advanced segmentation technique to circumvent the 64Kbyte limitation on a Java method. Using this technique, you can convert images of any size to Java source code!

The main features of the software are that it:

  • Implements both a wizard-style interface for ease of use and a command-line interface for batch processing
  • Provides an image preview facility to help you quickly identify the image to transcribe
  • Generates a source file which can be compiled and run as an independent program. When run, the program displays the image that it embeds.
No more need for fiddly, once-only image conversions! The Image Sourcerer is a simple and cost-effective solution for all serious Java application developers.

Using the Software

Once you have downloaded the sourcerer.jar component, you should be able to double-click on it to start it up. (If this does not work, it could be because you do not have a JRE installed, or because you have changed the default association for a .jar file).

Alternatively, you can start up the program by typing the following in a command window whose working directory is the directory containing the sourcerer.jar file.

java -classpath sourcerer.jar com.catalysoft.sourcerer.ImageSourcerer


Suppose you wish to embed the image <Ernie> into a Java program.

You use the simple wizard-style interface...


... to translate the image into a Java source program:

System Requirements

The Image Sourcerer has been designed, written and tested on a Windows PC using J2SE1.4 (a.k.a JDK1.4), but should also work in earlier versions of Java. We are proud of our software and value your feedback on the quality of our products.

Note: The unregistered version has a fully functional wizard interface, but generated source code is dependent on the sourcerer.jar to preview the image. If you register, this dependency is removed, you can cut and paste from the generated source code into your own programs, and the batch mode will be enabled (so you can automate image conversion).

Contact to register.

If you find the utility useful please support us by providing a small donation.
A tip, a token of gratitute, if you will...
Any amount is gratefully received, but as a guideline we suggest a sum of around 5 or US $7.50.

Thank you!

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