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Who Are We?

Catalysoft provides bespoke software development and informatics consultancy - we advise on the use of software technologies to manage your information. We have a strong tradition in scientific software, but welcome projects from all application areas, both for the desktop and for the web. We work mainly with Java, but can also turn our hands to C++, LISP, Perl, Ruby, Haskell, and others, as required. We are advocates of a component-based approach to software development and, where appropriate, employ ready-made software components (both in-house and third-party) to accelerate software development.

Simon White

Simon White

, Managing Director and Informatics Consultant

Simon first wrote commercial software while still at school over 20 years ago, developing home computer games that were published and sold on the high street across the UK. His first 'real' job was with Praxis, the software house that was first to achieve the British Standard kite mark for software quality. He subsequently worked on satellite information systems for the German Aerospace Research Establishment ("the German NASA"), and, prior to founding Catalysoft, developed enterprise software to assist in drug discovery and materials science for Cambridge-based companies Synomics and Accelrys. Simon has published both mainstream software engineering articles and academic papers, and holds a PhD in Applied Artificial Intelligence.

Simon is the author of JIDE Charts, used by software developers around the world to add charting functionality to their applications.

Why Catalysoft?

Let's face it - software development is hard. And even with the smartest of programmers, software development can be slow, difficult and risky. Good software development requires many years of experience, particularly in a commercial context where it is often necessary to balance short-term requirements with a long-term business strategy.

We found that much of our work required the drawing of one or more charts, which the user could interact with. We struggled to meet project requirements with other available charting components, so we had to write our own. But we wrote a reusable component to minimise costs and accelerate future development. Even if you don't require our services, you might take a look at our Java Charting package, which is being distributed through a partnership with JIDE, the leading Java Swing professional component provider.


Much of software development is about know-how. We publish articles to stimulate discussion on some of the issues surrounding software development and to provide evidence of our expertise. We also provide training through the London-based skills training company SkillsMatter to actively promote sound software development skills.