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What's Good About Clojure?  What's Good About Clojure? by Simon White [3-May-10]
Clojure is a relatively new language to appear on the Java Virtual Machine (JVM), although it draws on very mature roots in the form of the LISP language. In this article I explore the language first on its own merits, then by comparison with both Common LISP and to Java. I highlight differences with these two languages as well as demonstrate how Clojure can connect with Java to make use of existing code libraries.
Should You Care About Requirements Engineering?  Should You Care About Requirements Engineering? by Adil Hameed & Simon White [14-Dec-06]
Recently, I (Adil) was invited to participate in a one day seminar on the subject of Requirements Engineering. Whilst I have no direct experience of this field, I was keen to find out more and decide what value requirements engineering can bring to the day-to-day practises of software engineering. I attended the seminar and this article summarises my findings and current thoughts on the subject of Requirements Engineering.
Tips for Setting Up Your First Business Website  Tips for Setting Up Your First Business Website by Simon White [29-May-05]
To attract all potential customers to your business you need a presence on the web. The problem is that if you haven't set up a website before, you probably find the whole idea rather daunting. You have plenty of questions, but don't know how to find out the answers. This short article provides plenty of tips and answers five of the most frequently-asked questions regarding setting up a website:
What's Good about LISP?  What's Good about LISP? by Simon White [19-May-05]
LISP is a general-purpose programming language and is the second-oldest programming language still in use, but how much do you know about it? Did you know that it is an object-oriented, as well as a functional language? This article introduces some of the main features of LISP to help you get a feel for what is in those parentheses...

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