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Products and Downloads

In addition to the items listed here, we now have a large set of reusable Java components and utilities to accelerate our bespoke development work. These include plotting and mathematical components, a flexible authorisation model, a robust CSV parser and assorted Java Swing components.

We also employ third party tools and libraries for a 'best of breed' approach.

JIDE Software

JIDE Charts

JIDE Charts is a powerful and flexible charting component package for Java developers that can help the users of your application to understand and explore their data as well as seeing it attractively presented. We have used many different charting components in many different projects, and found them to be of varying quality and usefulness. It was the frustrations with the flexibility of these other components that led directly to the development of JIDE Charts.

We designed JIDE Charts to:

  • embrace the Swing MVC approach to offer maximum power and flexibility
  • make it possible for a Swing developer to start working with charts within minutes
  • generate great looking charts
  • support the interactive exploring of data

Through our partnership with the premier Java Swing specialist company JIDE, we are now offering Catalysoft's advanced charting component for you to use in your Java applications.


Registered JAR

Unicode Character Chooser

A Java component that allows users to input unicode characters from a conventional keyboard. This is ideal if you want your application to provide for the input of mathematical symbols, arrows, foreign language characters, or currency symbols.


Free Trial, £20 developer license

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Protege Units (Beta)

All too often, Information Systems represent quantities by assuming a particular unit of measurement, rather than explicitly representing it. The quantity might be represented simply as a floating point number in the programming language of choice, with the units of measurement added as canned text to the user-interface. With this approach it becomes difficult, if not impossible, to automatically convert values from one unit to another or to reliably compare values originating from different information sources. In the age of the Semantic Web, we cannot afford to be so remiss. This plugin provides measurement unit support for the most popular ontology editor, Protege.


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