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What is 'Algernon'?

Algernon is a rule-based inference system implemented in Java and interfaced with Protege. Algernon performs forward and backward rule-based processing of frame-based knowledge bases, and efficiently stores and retrieves information in ontologies and knowledge bases. It has a LISP-like syntax, as it was originally implemented in LISP (it has been converted to a Java implementation using Jatha).

Here are some example (forward-chaining) rules in the Algernon syntax. The terms that start with a question mark are variables that become bound, when the expression matches with a fact in the knowledge base.

If a component is ordered, make it unavailable for other orders.

  ((ordered ?x ?date)
   (status ?x Reserved)
   (last-update ?x ?date))

When the component ships, delete it from inventory

  ((shipped ?x ?date)
   (status ?x Sold)
   (last-update ?x ?date))

Algernon is suitable for small to medium-sized expert systems. To find out more, visit the Algernon Website.

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