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What is 'XMLSpy'?

XMLSpy is an XML editor and development environment. It comes from Altova, and is the current market leader in XML editing, verification and support. There are three versions of XMLSpy available, with increasing functionality (and price-tag!)

Home Edition
The home edition of XMLSpy is free and is great for most simple editing tasks. An XML document can be checked for well-formedness, and validated against a DTD or a schema. There is no support for developing schemas of your own, but the good news is that the home edition is cost-free!
Professional Edition
The professional edition has all the editing capabilities of the home edition, but also supports the development of XML Schema. Also XSLT and XPath support, as well as XML differencing capabilities.
Enterprise Edition
As well as having the editing capabilities of the professional edition, the enterprise edition can generate code (such as Java and C++) from XML schema. In other words, it can autogenerate the data binding between XML and the programming language. It also has support for web services, including a universal SOAP client and a SOAP debugger.

Good news is that the latest edition of XMLSpy, XMLSpy 2005, has a plugin for Eclipse integration. That means you can edit XML files comfortably without leaving your Eclipse project.

More information is available from Altova.

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