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What is 'Jatha'?

Jatha is a Common LISP library implemented in Java. It implements a fairly large subset of Common LISP, including most of the datatypes (e.g. packages, bignums) and their associated methods. The API enables programmatic access to LISP from Java, either using an eval() method or using Java methods.

Jatha has been in development for over 10 years and has been used extensively for the past couple of years. It has proved to be very robust and has no outstanding reliability issues. Jatha's core LISP engine is based on the SECD abstract machine described in Kogge's "The Architecture of Symbolic Machines". Each LISP primitive is a separate Java class and is implemented using SECD abstract machine commands. You can implement new primitives in Java, register them at runtime with API calls and use them immediately.

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