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What is 'BeanShell'?

BeanShell is a small, free, Java source interpreter with object scripting language features, written in Java.

BeanShell uses the Java reflection API to provide runtime interpreted execution of standard Java statements and expressions, in addition to scripting commands. You can use BeanShell interactively for Java experimentation and debugging or as a simple scripting engine for your applications. You can call BeanShell from your Java applications to execute Java code dynamically at run-time, or you can call your Java applications and objects from BeanShell. Furthermore, as BeanShell is written in Java and runs in the same JVM, you can pass references to Java objects into scripts and return them as results.

Some suggested uses are:

Interactive Java
try out object features, APIs and GUI widgets - "hands on"
Scripting extensions for applications
Use BeanShell instead of calling the Java compiler from your apps.
Put a Java development environment right on your web page!
Expression evaluator for scientific or financial applications
evaluate complex expressions with conditions and loops.
Hand configuration of JavaBeans
write them out with the save() command.
Work and play inside any Java VM!

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